Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day Off

So after an early start in the morning we set off in 3 vans to the safari, which is less than 5 minutes from the resort. On arrival we all pushed the roofs up so we could stand and see from the top of the bus. We headed round the park and spotted many animals: antelope, zebra, water buck, buffalo, baboons etc. We moved further in to the park and to Lake Nakuru and the flamingos, the lake was incredibly beautiful and we were allowed out of the vans to walk to the edge of the lake.

Our journey continued with a drive around the lake where we saw lots of giraffe and one lion resting on the rocks in the sun.

We stopped at an amazing view point where we could look over the lake which was truly stunning, whilst here Ben and Ollie made friends with a hyrax (rock rat).

We then travelled around the rest of the lake till we reached the gates. Next stop was a local supermarket for lunch before heading off to the equator. On route we pulled over by a plantation to hear about how coffee and tea is grown.

The journey from here to the equator can be best described as an episode of Top Gear with all three vans avoiding the pot holes, which one driver thought was very funny and said he was Captain Slow!

The equator was interesting and we were shown an experiment to prove we were at the equator, and yes it's true the water does swirl a different way when you step over the equator.

Next stop was Thomson Falls which was amazing. Most of the group headed down to the bottom, big shout out to Lauren who completed this and the girls who fell in at the bottom! We then headed back home. Although everyone was exhausted a great day was had by all. Shout out to Fred for accompanying us and always smiling.

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