Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Day 3...

So, how are we doing? Well a little exhausted, but have really enjoyed our day. Ben and Laura helped dish out porridge cooked by Mama Mary, see picture. Followed by an awesome teaching session, which would have been graded as "outstanding" by Ofsted. Many of the students visited a local shop/shack to buy paint and then continued to decorate the classroom and the wall outside, see picture tomorrow for Laura's traditional elephant. 
In Destiny the focus was on painting and preparing the classroom for the arrival of 130 children in August!! The decorated consisted of painting on mud walls. There was some good teaching, and the children were entertained by Ollie as he threw some shapes and sang and danced "follow the leader,leader,leader with all the children. We feel Ollie has now found his niche. 
After 'stew' tonight the amazing Fred delivered a lesson to us on Swahili, this was very complicated but Sawa Sawa. 
Tomorrow we get to visit each other's projects, which will be good.

Night Folks 

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