Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day 4

Jambo! Breakfast was lush:-) in the morning at Destiny we did some painting and went shopping to buy some materials such as wood, paint and white wash. We've almost finished painting one of the classrooms but we ran out of white wash, we also started making the floor for the office we have been building. Katie, Mollie, Ollie and Aimee worked so hard! Well done them! Ollie took a football today and all of the boys played a massive game, it was so much fun! With the wood we bought we started constructing a table for the kitchen so they have somewhere to prepare lunch, we hope to finish this tomorrow.
At Hadassah they finished painting the wall outside with some beautiful pictures, care of Georgia, Lucie, Sophie, Emily, Lauren, Chloe, Summer, Lucy and Laura. Lucy and Summer taught two maths lessons today which they really enjoyed! The group from Hadassah visited Destiny today and were surprised at how much space we had to run around. We sang a lot of songs with everyone and it was a good laugh! 
Laura would like to introduce you to the pusswammas called George- our mascot!
Back at the resort while we were all chilling after a busy day, Mollie managed to fall off her chair backwards!!!!!
Overall it's been a lovely day, with lots of sunshine and smiles!!!

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