Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 6 in project

Where has the time gone, we are on week two already!

So after sorting our donations out the night before we headed to our projects for a day of teaching, invigilating and handing out donations.

In Destiny they used a large classroom to lay out all the donations, then each child was invited in to pick three items. The rest has been stored safely away for when the 150 children start in the Summer. 

The next project was slightly different as they are full to bursting point with children. Here the clothes were sorted into classes and the students then handed these out to the children. We had enough donations for every child to have 2 items of clothing as well as some pencils, and pens for the older children. 

The highlight was going into the youngest room (the babies) where they were all asleep and placing a knitted teddy in front of them and watching their faces as they woke up to find they had their very own teddy to keep. 

What a day :0)

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