Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 8 in project

Today was our home visit day where we walked to a local shop/shack and purchased food for families it was amazing how much you could buy for £7.50 and even more amazing to know that this would feed 2 families for at least 4 days!

The two homes Hadassah looked at were incredibly small but very well looked after, one had electricity the other did not. Neither of the two rooms that the families lived in had water/toilets and only a tiny corner of the room was for a kitchen. It was certainly a humbling experience.

The afternoon involved teaching and exams at Hadassah and the group at Destiny continued with their building work, nearly finishing the office, copious amounts of painting as well as putting up guttering and a water tank, which was very well timed as the next day it rained for a long time! Many Thanks to Hannah and Lauren from Chichester College for the donation money for this vital equipment, as at Destiny do not have any running water.

Final day tomorrow!

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